Disneyland Paris

April / May 2020 – Register your interest

At the present time we are considering an offer to visit Disneyland Paris in April / May 2020 and are gauging interest for this event. As with any event there are number of areas to consider and at present, purely approximations to work with.

The cost of this event would be circa £350 per person including travel via coach, a 3 day stay and half board accommodation (breakfast & dinner). The event would happen out of school term time (using Cambridgeshire school term times as a guideline, some schools may differ).

The offer we have requires that final numbers need to be established by early February for final fixed cost confirmations and that 15% of your booking (non refundable deposit) be provided by February 8th. You would then have approximately one year to pay the balance of your booking as a guideline.

The event at present is based around a single 57 seater coach being taken to the venue, subject to demand a second coach would also be considered. This at present, would be based on a departure from the Ely / Cambridge area.

April / May 2020
3 Days
Max 57

Event Notes

Please note that fixed costs for this event cannot be provided until we are aware of final numbers wishing to attend, the ages of those attending and the ferry costing at the time of booking.

All budgetary costs at present are based around all the party staying at the Santa Fe hotel. Disney typically do not work with child and adult costs, more so room / unit costs so until the travelling party is established finer details are impossible to verify.

The trip is based around a 3/4 day / 3/4 night stay depending on ferry times and cost at time of booking.

Event Notes - Important

Please remember that prior to attending any of our sessions, days out or events we need you to complete one of our Membership forms. These need to be completed for insurance coverage purposes and also to help us plan future events. You only need to complete a membership form once a year and this will cover you for all future events and session attendances in the same calendar year.

Please note if you request places for an event and do not make payment for the trip prior to the cut off date provided for that trip, your places will automatically be offered to any persons on the waiting list to ensure the trip is as full as possible.

Register your interest only

Please note that as of 19/01/19 this form is now closed to pre-register your interest in our visit to Disney Paris.

Health Protection

Please note that if you have booked to attend one of our events and come the time of that event, one of the people attending in your party has fallen ill, we are very sorry but due to the nature of the children that we support, it will not be possible for that person to attend the event with us.

In line with the Health Protection Agency and similar to many local schools, it is not possible for us to accept a child at an event or session that has had sickness / diarrhoea until they have been clear of this for a minimum of 48 hours.

We hope very much that you can understand our position on this and the caution that we must exercise.