Spectrum Ghost Watch

Kelvedon Hatch – May 24th 2020

We hope that you dare to join us or Spectrum Ghost Watch, as we head into the depths of Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker on this late-night fundraiser!

A simple cottage hides the entry to a much deeper place buried in the hillside.

Many paranormal investigations have taken place at the bunker over time, and with or without activity, The Bunker is a pretty spooky environment all by itself! Lots of researches have yielded the unexplained, be it something like orbs, sounds, smells, or in several cases, seeing something. The Bunker has been covered many times on YouTube, through documentaries and TV series, including Most Haunted.

The fundraiser takes places on Sunday, May 24th which backs on to a Bank Holiday. The approximate timing at present is 7 pm until the early hours but may be adjusted slightly to suit the group and 20 places are initially available. Still, a minimum of 15 must be in place.

The Evening Ahead

Spectrum will have the run of the Bunker throughout our visit. The event is based upon sets of small groups observing key areas, rotating through out the building during the course of the evening, with plenty of opportunity for everyone to catch up together at break points on their progress. Our visit is based purely on your own interpretation of your senses, anything you may see, hear or smell etc. has not been deliberately fabricated in anyway to create an experience.

For your reference the Bunkers canteen has self-serve tea, coffee and cold drinks, biscuits, filled rolls, soup etc. and an honesty box, but you are welcome to bring your own food/drink as you wish. Please note that no transport is provided to or from the venue.

May 24th 2020
7pm – 12am
£20 Entry
Min £30 Fundraising
Max 20 People

About Kelvedon Hatch – Secret Nuclear Bunker

Kelvedon Hatch has seen life in many different ways, starting with its role as an RAF ROTOR Station. Its purpose was to counter a possible attack by Soviet bombers. In the time that followed it was briefly a civil defence centre through to its most recent life as a Regional Government HQ in the 1960s. Kelvedon Hatch was designed to hold up to 600 military and civilian personnel, possibly even the Prime Minister included. Their collective task was to organise the survival of the population in the awful aftermath of a nuclear war.

There were also spare bunk beds in the tunnel, to help accommodate some of the hundreds of civilian and military personnel that would be stationed here in a time of a nuclear attack. The bunker was built on land requisitioned from the local farmer J.A.Parrish.

Paradoxically as the heat of the Cold War died down, the bunker and its ancillary systems were surplus to Government requirements and were costing up to 3 million pounds a year to keep on standby. Upon decommissioning in 1992 the bunker was repurchased from the Government by the Parrish family, at a closed bid public auction, and hence is now privately owned.

Fundraiser Event Costs

This event is a fundraiser to support our work with families of children with Autism, additional needs and disabilities.

Participation in this event is based around a £20 non-refundable entrance fee and an objective of fundraising a minimum of £30.

Fundraising for this event is simply asking family, friends and colleagues etc to sponsor you for staying the night with us, over coming your fears and perhaps your imagination! We will provide a simple JustGiving page covering everyone on the team, so its nice and simple to share!

Once your place is confirmed by us, an invoice will follow for your entrance fee and your payment can be completed by Bank Transfer. All the details for this will be provided in our invoice. If for any reason your circumstances change after requesting places and you are no longer able to attend the event, then please let us know at your earliest possible opportunity.

If you have any questions in regards to this event then please don’t hesitate to contact us at: hello@spectrum.org.uk

Venue Address

Secret Nuclear Bunker, Kelvedon Hall Lane, Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 5TL

Event Notes & Disclaimer

Due to the nature of this fundraiser and the timings of it, this event is aimed at an 18+ audience.

To participate in such an event, we ask you to be aware of the following requirements and recommendations before requesting places on our team. Requesting a place at this event accepts these conditions and guidance and acknowledges that further guidance could be passed on by the venue to us ahead of the event which must be adhered to.

  • You will need to have patience
  • You will need to be in good health and are comfortable being in the dark for periods of time.
  • You will need to organise your own travel, safely to and from the venue. Lift sharing maybe an option.
  • We would not recommend this event for a woman who is pregnant.
  • We would not recommend this event for anyone suffering with anxiety or a heart condition.
  • We would not recommend this event for a person with a disability, where accessing uneven floors or stairs would be an issue, this is due to the buildings age and design
  • You will need to be respectful to all those attending, the venue, its surroundings and to local residents closeby, especially in terms of noise levels.
  • You will need to dress appropriately for the surroundings, weather and time of day.
  • Video and photography equipment will be used on the night and due to the small size of some areas it maybe unavoidable to omit you from imagery.
  • You acknowledge and agree that any personal belongings and equipment that you bring to the event is your own responsibility

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