Robin Hood – The Maltings, Ely

Tuesday, January 2nd 2024

We hope that you can join us back at The Maltings, Ely, for a Panto performance of Robin Hood by our fantastic friends at KD Theatre! – Tuesday, January 2nd 2024, at 11am.

Please note that this is a relaxed performance (Autism friendly) dedicated to Spectrum, and no transport is provided to the venue on the day. Free local parking is available close by in several locations.

Hit the bullseye this Christmas as KD Theatre Production’s returns to The Maltings, Ely with Robin Hood – the Greatest Pantomime Adventure. 

Join the arrow-shooting heroic outlaw, Robin Hood, as he tries to win the heart of the beautiful Maid Marion while he and his band of Merry Folk try to save the local townsfolk and defeat the wicked Sheriff of Rottingham 

Robin Hood is sure to be a festive treat and will be filled to the brim with audience participation, hilarious comedy, dazzling dance routines and spectacular sets and costumes, which are sure to hit the target! 

This event is limited to 240 tickets.

On the day of the event, you will need to ensure you are at the venue around 1045am to allow time for us to show you to your seats and also to purchase any drinks or snacks that you wish from the kiosk. The approximate duration of the performance is 2hrs, including an interval.

We are working to confirm places during the course of February 2023.

Robin Hood Ely
Robin Hood Maid Marion
Auntie Dolly
January 2nd 2024
£15 per person
Max 240 People

Event Costs

The cost to attend Robin Hood is £15 per person. For each child with additional needs registered with us, a free carer ticket is also provided.

This will be required to secure your places once we have confirmed that your places have been put in place.


Event Cost/Booking Example:
Family Requirement – 2x Adults and 2x Children (one of the children has additional needs)
This equates to 1x Adult, 2x Children, 1x Carer = £45 and 4 tickets are provided


Once we confirm your places, your payment can be completed by Bank Transfer or Online Card Payment (+ Booking Fee). We will provide all the details for this with your invoice. The payment cut off date for this event is scheduled for September 1st 2023, this will also be confirmed on your invoice. Payments must be completed before this time to finalise your places.

Important! – Any changes to your booking (if achievable) or the cancellation of it must be completed prior to the payment cut-off date set. The cost of your tickets will be due beyond this point, and payment will be required in full. All tickets are non-refundable after the payment cut-off date. The non-payment of any tickets purchased for you will affect your ability to attend further Spectrum events and sessions.

If you have any questions about this event, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or reach us via Spectrum Live Chat in the bottom right-hand corner of any page on our website.

Venue Address

The Maltings, Ship Lane, Ely, CB7 4BB

Event Notes - Important

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Please note if you request places for an event and do not make payment for the trip prior to the cut off date provided for that trip, your places will automatically be offered to any persons on the waiting list to ensure the trip is as full as possible.



Places allocated and waiting list in place

Robin Hood Place Requests – The Maltings, Ely

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Please ensure you do not duplicate adult and carer ticket requests.

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Health Protection

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We hope you can understand our position on this and the caution that we must exercise.