Warwick Castle

Saturday, July 30th 2022

We hope that you can join us at Warwick Castle on Saturday, July 30th 2022 to explore the fantastic Warwick Castle.

Warwick Castle is packed with things to do including Battlements, towers, turrets, awesome interiors and the Great Hall. You will also be able to take in such things as their spectacular birds of prey displays and a summer programme of events. You can also experience the story of the War of the Roses in live-action. You will get to witness spectacular stunts, tricks and showmanship and special effects. This features ferocious horseback battles, astounding stunt riding, swashbuckling sword fighting and epic storytelling!

Please read all the notes below carefully before requesting places.

We are providing coach travel (from Ely) for this event with our partners Mil-Ken Travel. We have initially allocated a 57 seater coach (with toilet) and will only take a second coach if there is significant demand/warrant for it, or to raise the capacity in general.

The expected journey time to the venue by coach is approximately 2hr 30mins. You also have the option to meet us at the venue should it suit your family better or make more sense geographically. The approximate coach departure time on the day from Ely is 730am for purposes of planning, leaving the venue at 5pm. We have 100 places allocated to this event currently.

With any Spectrum event of this nature, you do not need to stick as a group throughout the day. Once checked in, you can then spend the day at the venue as you wish. You just need to ensure you are ready for the return home departure time at the end of the day if using the coach.

Spectrum Away Days & Events

Spectrum away days and events are focused on accessibility, inclusion and keeping things as simple as possible for the families we support. The pricing we provide as a charity is done as cost-effectively as we possibly can, can often include travel options but may not suit every family situation but we try to cover as many as we can. We work closely with lots of venues to provide opportunities and access in a supportive environment.

July 30th 2022
10am – 5pm
£22 – £25 per person
Max 100 people

Event Costs & Summary

The cost to attend Warwick Castle with us is £25 per person (if utilising our coach) and £22 per person if meeting us there. There is no cost for children under 3yrs to access the venue but a £10 cost will be charged if accessing the coach. The pricing provided to you is a bundled cost taking into consideration children, adults and carers for ease of booking with us. We have visited the venue a number of times before.

If you receive confirmed places to meet us there, you will need to meet us on-site at the time designated in your confirmation notes without exception.

For travel, you can either use the Spectrum provided coach from Ely or meet us at the venue. We will provide the finalised departure details when places are confirmed. At present we will depart from Angel Drove Car Park in Ely (next to Tesco). We will focus on filling the coach as the first priority to ensure it is needed.

The payment cut off date for this event will be June 30th 2022 due to the requirements of the venue. We will be handing back any tickets to the venue that are not allocated on July 1st, unless there is significant demand to extend capacity further.

Please note we will only be able to accept requests for further extended family members and so forth if there are any spaces remaining after processing member requests.

If you have any questions in regards to this event, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@spectrum.org.uk

Venue Address

Warwick Castle, Warwick, CV34 4QU

Event Notes - Important

Please remember that prior to attending any of our sessions, days out or events we need you to complete one of our Membership forms. These need to be completed for insurance coverage purposes and also to help us plan future events and assess the demand for them. You only need to complete a membership form once a year and this will cover you for all future events and session attendances in the same calendar year.

Please note if you request places for an event and do not make payment for the trip prior to the cut off date provided for that trip, your places will automatically be offered to any persons on the waiting list to ensure the trip is as full as possible.

Warwick Castle Place Requests

Please ensure you have completed one of our Membership Forms prior to requesting places at our events, as a valid Spectrum Membership number is required in the place request process below.

Contact Information
Places Required
Please list the name of each person attending in your party and their relationship to you. For ALL CHILDREN included, please also list their age. For any child who you have registered with us as having additional needs, please also add a + at the end of their name. Example: Bob Smith, Jane Smith (Wife), Molly Smith (Daughter 7yrs), Ryan Smith + (Son 5 years)
Do you currently receive DLA for any of the children listed above?
Do you require wheelchair access at the venue or on the coach?
Travel Plans
Spectrum Venue Photography
Do you consent for your child to be included in any photography or videography at the event?
Event Conditions Acceptance
You confirm that you have read all the event notes and understand that once your places are confirmed to you, the full cost of your tickets is due by the deadline provided. You understand that it is not possible for us to reallocate, resell, exchange or refund these places booked for you. Non-payment of tickets purchased for you will have an adverse impact on gaining future places with us.
Data Privacy (GDPR)
Security & Submit
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Health Protection

Please note that if you have booked to attend one of our events and come the time of that event, one of the people attending in your party has fallen ill, we are very sorry but due to the nature of the children that we support, it will not be possible for that person to attend the event with us.

In line with the Health Protection Agency and similar to many local schools, it is not possible for us to accept a child at an event or session that has had sickness / diarrhoea until they have been clear of this for a minimum of 48 hours.

We hope very much that you can understand our position on this and the caution that we must exercise.