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Upcoming Spectrum events for members and public fundraisers

Welcome to Spectrum events, our central point for all place requests at our events, sessions and fundraisers.

Here are the details for all our upcoming Spectrum events, sessions and fundraisers, as well as, a guideline regarding their remaining availability. You will need your Spectrum membership number to book on to any members-only event.

The Spectrum team has years of experience designing, creating and organising events for families of children with Autism, additional needs and disabilities. All our activities are inclusion and family-focused; especially taking care of as many of the smaller details that we can, that are often a hurdle for so many that we support.


Spectrum Monthly Dedicated Family Sessions

The families we support can access three free family sessions per month at Clip n Climb Cambridge, Climb Quest Milton Keynes and Partyman Cambridge with us. These dedicated sessions come alongside a host of other events and away days at a range of different venues, such as the likes of Legoland, Warwick Castle and Legoland Windsor. Furthermore, the Spectrum events are varied to cover the different child age ranges, needs and abilities that we support.


Accessibility & Options

We offer many options around entertainment, the Arts, heritage, interaction, technology and sport to name but a few. Spectrum has delivered events at a wide variety of venues, both locally and at many points across the UK. For many of our away days, we also provide a coach for ease of travel and group attendance. We also additionally offer some adult-only respite events during the year, like our Black Tie Ball.

Within our FAQ is further helpful information on our events process. However, if you have any questions in regards to our events, please email us at hello@spectrum.org.uk

Spectrum Sessions
How to sign in at Spectrum Events

Spectrum Event & Membership Notes - Important

Before you attend any of our Spectrum events or sessions, you must complete one of our Membership forms. This form only needs to be completed once; it then covers you for all our future events and sessions. You just need to ensure that you keep us updated with any changes to your personal information or circumstances.

Please note when you are allocated places for a chargeable event, a payment cut off date will be provided. If you do not make the payment deadline, your places will be offered to the waiting list automatically. We do this to ensure that the event is as full as possible, and we give as many families as we can the opportunity to be involved.

How to request places at Spectrum events

Please click on any of our open Spectrum events that are that you wish to attend below, to open it up. Each of our event pages will additionally provide you with all the events details, timings and costings as well as a form to request places. Spectrum is very much family orientated and siblings, as well as parents and carers, are most welcome at any of our events unless stated otherwise.

Have you completed your membership form yet? Your Spectrum membership number is needed for all place requests at our Member Only Spectrum events.

Any event marked as “Limited Availability” has less than ten spaces remaining. If an event interests you but has a waiting list, it is still worth submitting a place request. Due to the nature of the children and families that we support, circumstances can subsequently change, and places can come available.

COVID-19 & Spectrum Events

At the present moment, we are working hard with the fast-changing situation presented by COVID-19/Coronavirus. All of our events are proactively monitored and managed. If there is any change to an event you are booked onto, you will be contacted as soon as we are officially aware of the change.

Read our full notice on COVID-19 relating to Spectrum

Spectrum events cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19

Due to guidelines around COVID-19/Coronavirus, the following Spectrum events have sadly been postponed or cancelled.










Spectrum events open for place requests

Our following Spectrum events and sessions are open to request places. Please note that we do rotate place requests at our events, especially for high demand sessions. We do this to ensure that we provide as many families as possible with opportunities, to try activities for the first time as well as re-attend them.

All Spectrum member-only events are marked in red, and public fundraisers marked in black.







Future Spectrum Events & Sessions

The following Spectrum events and sessions for 2020 and 2021 will be open for booking in due course.

Team Spectrum Clothing for our events

Health Protection

Due to the nature of the children that we support, it is not possible for a person to attend our events whilst ill.

This guidance is in line with the Health Protection Agency and similar to that of many local schools. We can’t accept a child at an event or session that has had sickness/diarrhoea until they have been clear of this for a minimum of 48 hours.

We hope very much that you can understand our position on this and the caution that we must exercise.