Working with Clip n Climb Cambridge

Since our creation, we have been fortunate to work with Clip n Climb Cambridge from the very start, forming both a strategic and fundamental part of the work that we do in the process as well as an exceptional friendship. We passionately share an ethos around inclusion for all, trying new challenges as a group and individuals and promoting healthy lifestyle activities.

The kindness of Clip n Climb Cambridge has allowed us to deliver monthly climbing sessions with them for those we support alongside their siblings and parents, in a real family-focused way. With over 15 walls of different levels to try, plus the extremes of the Stairway to Heaven and Vertical Drop, all the ingredients are there for a fantastic visit every time and it never fails to deliver. Not only do we have our regular sessions, but Clip n Climb Cambridge have also teamed up with us on fundraising activities and attended some of our other events also.

Clip n Climb is very much like climbing meets theme park and somewhere we will always feel perfectly at home.

What Spectrum Say...

Justin Heron - CEO

“For Spectrum, working with Clip n Climb is exceptional, to say the least, and we have seen nothing but their full support since day one. Their team is a fantastic match for us, full of extremely dedicated, talented and kind people with a passion for inclusion and making a difference. Our sessions with them are one of the most popular events that we provide. These enable children to climb for the first time as well as improve on what they have done already. At every level of business, customer service and dedication, we couldn’t recommend Clip n Climb Cambridge highly enough.”

How to get involved at our Clip n Climb sessions...

If you would like to join our sessions at Climb Quest Milton Keynes, all you need to do is sign up for our free membership. Once you have been registered with us you will be provided with a Spectrum membership number, allowing you to request places at our events and sessions.

Visit Clip n Climb Cambridge

What Clip n Climb Say...

Chris Walthew - Owner

“It’s an absolute pleasure to support Spectrum, which we’ve done since they started up as a charity. Our ethos is helping all our visitors have fun and feel proud about what they can achieve climbing our walls, regardless of age, ability or confidence levels, which fits very well with what Spectrum look to achieve with the children and families they support. We gift them a climbing session at Clip ‘n Climb once a month plus get involved in other events and fundraising activities they organise. The children and families involved in Spectrum are a real pleasure to host for all of the team here, and it’s a thrill to see how much fun and enjoyment everyone gets from their sessions. The Spectrum team are also real gems to work with and run the charity with heart and dedication. I would strongly recommend other businesses to look at supporting this fantastic charity.”

SEND Sundays at Clip n Climb Cambridge

Outside of the dedicated Spectrum sessions for children with Autism, additional needs and disabilities, Clip n Climb Cambridge provide their own special session for those climbers with special educational needs, providing a calm environment for your child and their siblings to climb. They tend to turn their music right down, and there are plenty of instructors to help and encourage.

They also have a climbing hoist that can be accessed to help those who find it difficult to climb, or have physical disabilities that limit them. If you would like to pre-book the hoist for your child, please email them at or call them on 01223 941700

View from the Stairway to Heaven!