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Spectrum Digital Reach & Visualisation


Welcome to the home of the Spectrum Digital Reach and Visualisation project.

We designed this project to meet many objectives over different phases. We are using technology at the core to expand our reach for the families of children with Autism, additional needs and disabilities that we support. It is optimised to make the most of visualisation, audio, video and media to achieve a range of goals in a series of ways.

As part of our ongoing strategy, our programme targets a whole host of communication focused aspects of our work. This work includes improving children’s technical skills and developing their social skills while centred around harnessing creativity and building confidence. This blend of media comes together while working with our community collaboration partners.

Overall, our objectives are to assist inclusion and reduce isolation in a hugely vulnerable sector across many counties that we cover. Furthermore, this also includes embedding technology into our events and sessions.

The project’s different components also enable us to build in remotely and easily accessible family work channels. Therefore, allowing us to support families with such areas as Education Health Care Plans (EHCP), Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Family Fund and challenging behaviours. It additionally provides extended hours of access to us via many different means. The development enables us to create a raft of new and exciting volunteering options suitable for many different ages.

This project has been made possible by receiving over £73k funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by National Lottery Community Fund. Thank you so much to the Government for making this possible and helping us make a difference.


Digital Reach Stage 1 – COVID-19 Response

Proactively and digitally supporting the isolation and social distancing measures imposed by the emergence of COVID-19

  • Extended Support Hours & Options

    Extending our support capacity by adapting our volunteering as well as extending the hours of access to us, to accommodate different home and working situations alongside increased referrals

  • Digital Support

    Increasing the range of digital support channels and online access we provide to the families we work with. Utilising Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Messaging and Live Chat alongside regular paths.

Digital Reach Stage 2 – COVID-19 Recovery

Expanding our digital channels, capacity, services, support and sessions by embedding technology.

  • Family Workers

    Provision of remotely accessible Family Worker support covering EHCP, DLA, PIP, Family Fund and behaviours to name but a few

  • Minecraft Servers

    Secure and dedicated private Minecraft servers for the children we support to play in a safe, creative and monitored environment

  • Events & Sessions

    Utilising technology in our sessions and events to assist children with social gains and improving technology skillsets while having fun

  • Supporting Learning Difficulties

    Provide video information and visual guides alongside written communication to assist those with learning difficulties

  • Child Mentoring

    Recording children’s successes, encouraging peer to peer learning and child mentoring to increase confidence and build friendships

  • Podcasts

    Providing podcasts for audio delivered Spectrum updates, introducing those we work with and covering SEND related subjects

  • SEN Product Reviews

    Providing informative video reviews of SEN products on Spectrum TV

  • Supporting Children

    Helping children and young people with a range of mental, behavioural and communication problems

  • Volunteering Expansion

    Creating an extensive and exciting range of new volunteering roles for all ages, to further expand our work with families and children

  • GoPro Technology

    Introducing Go Pro technology for children to utilise in creative challenges and for family-assisted fun in session content creation

  • Arts Award

    Delivering a fully remotely accessible Arts Award programme, harnessing creativity and supporting involvement regardless of COVID-19 restrictions, geography, ability and attention spans

  • Assisting Autistic Routines

    Utilising video to assist Autistic routines with advance visual information of our events and sessions, reducing anxieties

  • Child Assisted Content Creation

    Providing children with the opportunity to film, create content and interview those we work with while supervised / instructed

  • Treasure Hunt Programme

    Working with the National Trust Anglesey Abbey on a technology embedded Treasure Hunt across their grounds

“This Spectrum team stands out as truly special.  Not only are they absolutely professional and resolute in achieving their goals but their passion is unwavering.”


Digital Reach and Global Leading Technology

Throughout our Digital Reach project, we will be utilising some of the best equipment and cutting edge technologies in our sessions and events from around the world, from exceptional global market leaders. Working in this way will provide the children we work with the best opportunity, to not only build incredible new skills but also make the very most from imagination and creativity while having fun.

“Thank you so much for all you do. The change you made to our family in just one session was amazing!”


Working With

From the conception of this project, through its creation to the present day, we are delighted to be working with, and supported by, a number of our community partners and leading organisations, on our different development channels and components of Digital Reach.

Apex Minecraft Hosting

“We are very proud to work with Spectrum and support the amazing work they do with young people. The events and support they offer families is truly inspiring!”



“Don’t know how you do it, but please keep doing what you’re doing!!! It makes a difference and means so much to so many families❤️”