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Welcome to Spectrum Support.

Spectrum is passionate about the work we do with families and carers of children with Autism, additional needs and disabilities. We provide that support in a number of ways. Our charity provides ongoing support for children from birth to 18 years of age- families do not need an ‘official’ diagnosis to access our resources, they just need to be registered with us. Our membership is free.

We are huge advocates of peer to peer learning, sharing the knowledge and experiences of like-minded families on similar journeys. In addition to this, we are also able to provide access to both our family workers and child psychology support.

Our support team is accessible to our members from the comfort of their own home, regardless of their geography or location to us. Our help is complementary to any other steps you have taken.

  • Family Work

    Practical help and emotional support to the families we work with for family unit wellbeing, from early years forward on the path to diagnosis. Also assisting with positive parenting and behavioural gains.

  • EHCP (Education Healthcare Plan)

    Assisting families who need guidance in putting an EHCP and forms in place for their child’s education setting, or who need supporting with an existing EHCP.
  • Child Psychology Support

    Helping children and young people with a range of mental, neurodevelopmental and behavioural problems as well as interventions. Also assisting with such areas as anxiety support, challenging behaviour and sleep hygiene.

  • DLA, PIP and Family Fund

    Assisting families with guidance on benefits they may be entitled to, such as DLA (Disability Living Allowance), PIP (Personal Independence Payment), Short Breaks and Family Fund.

Spectrum also supports families in a variety of further ways such as:

  • Providing fun-filled weekend sessions where children and their families can find inclusion and understanding.
  • Exciting day excursions, dedicated monthly sessions and events.
  • MAX cards which offer discounted admission to a variety of over 12,000 venues across the UK.
  • Opportunities for children to complete recognised national awards such as The Arts Award.
  • Access to secure and dedicated Minecraft servers for children with additional needs.

Through the work that we do with families in this area, we are delighted to have won both the Cambridge Live Community Group award alongside the Luminus Community Inspiration award. Spectrum is also referenced on Pinpoint’s website and a number of our volunteers have experience working alongside Pinpoint to help support children in school and at home.

As part of our close work with the fantastic community foundations in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex and Sussex, we provide dedicated support time to families in these counties every month.

How to contact Spectrum Support

Reach our support team in 5 easy ways

If you would like to access a Spectrum family worker or our Child Psychology Support, this can be done in five really easy ways and the buttons below will take you there nice and quickly. You will need to know your Spectrum Membership number for each of these methods.

  1. Open a LiveChat with Spectrum Support during normal working hours (10am – 4pm) – a message will still reach the team outside of these hours
  2. Reach the team via Facebook Messenger
  3. Email the team direct at support@spectrum.org.uk 
  4. Submit a Support request via our form below
  5. Call us on 01223 955404 and request a Support callback

We look forward to you getting in touch.

Spectrum Support

Spectrum's support throughout childhood.

Due to the nature of disabilities, it is not always apparent from birth that a child may need extra support. Spectrum exists to support children and families through their journey regardless of when their journey begins. Many of our volunteers can offer invaluable support through personal and professional experiences. Spectrum strives to create an environment where these children can practise their interpersonal skills without judgement or reprisal.

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