Spectrum Minecraft

Secure Minecraft Servers for Children with Autism and additional needs

Your child and their siblings can join Spectra, our lovable Minecraft host and access our secure Minecraft Servers!

As part of our Digital Reach project, Spectrum has implemented Minecraft servers through global leading providers Shockybyte and Apex. The implementation allows our registered members to access the world-renowned game Minecraft in a secure and monitored environment. Our Digital Reach project focuses on enabling them to play online with like-minded children in a Spectrum only environment, harnessing creativity and imagination while building technological and social communication skills.

Through the Spectrum Minecraft servers, we can provide both the Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft. Our servers are reached via an IP address that we will provide, which can be saved in Minecraft.

  • Secure Servers

    Secure Minecraft access for children with Autism and additional needs

  • Flexible Access

    Server access via PC, Android, IOS and Console with both Bedrock and Java versions available
  • Child Friendly Timings

    Our servers are provided over child-friendly access hours and time slots
  • Whitelisted Access

    Our servers are only accessible if your child’s Gamertag is registered with us

  • Monitored

    Allowing your child to play in a monitored environment that harnesses creativity

  • Capacity & Depth

    Our servers are designed to permit up to 50 persons concurrently per session

Spectrum Minecraft
Spectra welcomes you to Spectrum Minecraft

Conduct & Behaviour

While we fully appreciate that children with Autism, additional needs, and disabilities can struggle with certain social situations or environments, we must abide by rules. We can’t tolerate any aggressive, offensive or inappropriate behaviour towards other players (children). This will be monitored by the Spectrum team in line with our Safeguarding processes and standards.

Spectrum will continue to evolve and update our rules and guidelines for our Minecraft access over time in line with this: the Spectrum platform and offering centres around being respectful, kind, friendly and creative. Any adverse behaviours or abuse of the service we provide can result in removing players from our servers both for timed periods and permanently.

We ask all children, without exception, to ensure they do not damage the builds or creations of others or shared builds/builds that others have been involved in.

Spectrum is delighted to be working with Shockbyte & Apex on this project

Apex Minecraft Hosting

Become a Team Spectrum Minecraft Tester!

Your child can become part of our Minecraft testing team as we roll out our different servers, their different features, and Minecraft’s styles. To be considered for this, complete the testing section in our form below. For your child to be involved in the testing area with us, you will need to complete some feedback for us as their parent. Please only consider the testing option if you have the time to do this with us.

We will be looking initially for a small selection of children, to begin with, then doubling that amount and then doubling it again. A lot of the testing side will be at the product launch, but there will be other opportunities moving forward also.

The testing period will consider and cover the following areas at different points in time. Feedback will be asked from your child on all these areas and more as part of the process.

  • Access from different platforms,
  • Different levels of child ability and ages
  • Different Minecraft game styles (Adventure, Creative, Survival etc.),
  • Different levels of playing such as Easy, Normal, Hard
  • Both Bedrock Edition and Java Edition of the game
  • Different modifications and in-play options (on and off)

At the present moment in time, we have all the testers that we need but we will add this option back into the form below as needed in the future.

Register your child for the Spectrum Minecraft Servers

Please note we will contact those we include on the testing phase in the first instance. All other persons will be contacted following the conclusion of this at general full release. Updates will continue to be released on our Facebook Spectrum Members Only group.

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Your Name

Registering Your Child

Please note that all Gamertag's are whitelisted on our servers. Changing your Gamertag will prevent you from accessing our servers and is something that you will need to make us aware of. PLEASE NOTE it is important to provide us with the Gamertag exactly as it is displayed when they log into Minecraft. This is CASE SENSITIVE on the server! Please note your child or their sibling/s MUST be registered with us as part of your Spectrum membership to access our Minecraft servers. It is not possible to invite their friends to this service.
Child 1 Name
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Player Conduct

Whilst we fully appreciate that children with Autism, additional needs and disabilities can struggle with certain social situations or environments, it is not possible for us to tolerate any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour towards other players and this will be monitored. Naturally, we will try to educate all players via their parent/guardian if appropriate.
Parental Responsibility
Access To Service

Security & Submit

Please ensure that you have checked all details that you have entered on this form before submitting your request. Any inaccuracies in your form will also delay your request from being processed.
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