Spectrum Sessions

Our monthly sessions Spectrum Play, at Clip n Climb Cambridge &
Climb Quest Milton Keynes

Spectrum provides monthly sessions with our own Spectrum Play, Clip n Climb Cambridge and Climb Quest Milton Keynes.  These sessions are specifically for families registered with Spectrum though.

The venues we use and partner with have excellent facilities and are hugely passionate about inclusion and SEND. All of our sessions are family-focused, and siblings are most welcome.

Our sessions are designed to be an excellent opportunity for several reasons, to name but a few.

  • For your children to play in a safe environment
  • For you to catch up with likeminded families and make new friends
  • Ask Spectrum team members any questions that you have about the work we do and forthcoming events.
  • Book on to events, complete payments and order Max Cards

Spectrum Play Overview

Spectrum Play is our inclusive session, designed to help families reduce their isolation and increase their social circles with like-minded families. Providing the chance for families to meet, children to engage with sports and new activities, photoshoots and themed sessions, and for families to talk to the Spectrum team about the events, services and support we provide.


Clip n Climb Cambridge Overview

Clip n Climb is very much like climbing meets theme park and somewhere we will always feel perfectly at home. It provides a fantastic range of climbing options to suit all levels of ability, as well as the Stairway to Heaven and Vertical Drop!


Climb Quest Milton Keynes Overview

Climb Quest MK is the sister venue of Clip n Climb Cambridge. It provides a fantastic range of over 20 even higher climbing options to suit all levels of ability, as well as the Stairway to Heaven and Vertical Drop!


Please note that at all venues, your children are your responsibility at all times.

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Clip n Climb
Spectrum Play
Climb Quest MK

How do I attend the Spectrum dedicated sessions?

All these sessions are for Spectrum registered members only, so the first thing that you need to do is head over to our member’s page and complete our free registration if you haven’t done so already!

We send out email notifications when the sessions are open to request places; we also post these in our private Members Only Facebook group. You can also head to our events page at any time and see everything open for booking and what is coming up in the future. Due to the great demand for our sessions and events, we keep a good mix of rotating places so that families get to experience them for the first time and make repeat visits to build on confidence.

Venue Addresses

Clip n Climb Cambridge, 34 Clifton Road Industrial Estate, Clifton Rd, Cambridge, CB1 7EB

Climb Quest Milton Keynes, Unit 2B Winchester Circle Kingston Centre, Milton Keynes, MK10 0BA

Spectrum Play, Littleport Leisure, Camel Rd, Littleport, Ely CB6 1EW

Spectrum Play
Spectrum Play
Spectrum Play
Climb Quest
Climb Quest

Session & Event Notes - Important

Please remember that prior to attending any of our sessions, days out or events we need you to complete one of our Membership forms. These need to be completed for insurance coverage purposes and also to help us plan future events and assess the demand for them. You only need to complete a membership form once and this will cover you for all future events and session attendances.

Please note if you request places for an event and do not make payment for the trip prior to the cut off date provided for that trip, your places will automatically be offered to any persons on the waiting list to ensure the trip is as full as possible.