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Our membership is free and is required to access Spectrum services in the UK, like requesting places at our events and sessions, accessing our Family Support team as well as the Max Card.

Once we have processed your form, we will provide you with a dedicated Spectrum Membership number. We will also keep you up to date with all our latest information, news and events.

In registering with us, we can ensure you are covered under our insurances and that we are aware of all your child’s needs. We cater for any child from pre-birth, where a diagnosis is made antenatally, up to 18 years old. Any child with additional needs is welcome, even if you have just started on the diagnosis journey with their GP/Education setting and don’t have a formal diagnosis in place. As a registered Spectrum member, you can access our Child & Family Support from the comfort of your home.

Spectrum is all about inclusion and a family-focus, so the child’s parents/carers and their siblings are very welcome at the events and sessions we provide.

All information you provide to us is strictly for the Spectrum team’s attention and will not be shared with any other members or third parties. Spectrum reserves the right to request further information to help validate your membership request at any time.

If you have any questions concerning our Spectrum membership form, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Some of the areas Spectrum membership provides you access to…

Spectrum Events

Spectrum Events

Spectrum Support

Child & Family Support

Max Card at Spectrum

Order a Max Card

After your Membership request has been processed by us, you will receive a welcome email back from our team advising you of your Spectrum Membership Number.

Please allow 3-5 working days for this process to be completed.

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Before You Submit

Please check that all information you have entered in the form is accurate before submitting it to us. Any errors, especially in your contact and address information, will cause delays in your membership being processed.

Once your form is processed and checked to ensure you meet the criteria we support, we will allocate you a Spectrum Membership number. We will also provide you with access to our Private Members-Only Facebook Group. Here you can find out about the latest news and events and gain support from our team, peers, and members on any questions you have.

Did my form submit correctly?

How to know if your membership form has reached Spectrum

After submitting your form, you should experience two things.

Firstly, after hitting submit, the page will automatically refresh, and a success message will be displayed.
Secondly, within a few seconds, you will receive an email from us confirming your submission and including a copy of the information you provided.

Should you not see these events happen, please look back through your form and ensure that all required fields have been completed. The form will highlight any errors or incomplete fields. Please also ensure that you have completed the CAPTCHA next to the submit button. Your form should then submit to us.

Lost Membership Number & Updating Information

Please ensure that you keep us up to date with any changes to your information. You can do so by simply dropping us an email to hello@spectrum.org.uk, quoting your membership number, and we can update this for you.

If you have lost your membership number, please email us from the email address you registered with, as opposed to submitting a new form, and we will be able to validate this for you. If you cannot use the email address you registered with, we can validate you in other ways.


Parent/Carer Contact Information
Please ensure you include your partners name if they are likely to attend an event with your child.
Child Information
Please detail all of your children and those you are a guardian of in the section below if possible, even those without additional needs, especially if you plan to bring siblings to our events with you. Spectrum is very much a family-focused organisation and this ensures we have you covered correctly. Spectrum reserves the right to request evidence to support your membership at any time.
Please include the information for any additional children in the same format as above.
Emergency Information
How did you hear about Spectrum?
Email Subscription
We notify our members of their membership details, forthcoming events and general information by email. Do you consent for us to email you in this way? Please note that you can opt-out of our mailing lists at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any of our emails.  
Please select ALL the email notifications that you would like to opt in for? (you can opt out at anytime)
Consent Options
From time to time we take photos/video at our events to show the work that we do. Do you consent for your child to be included in such digital content?
You agree to adhering to and respecting member confidentiality.
I confirm that all information that I have submitted in this form for my membership application is accurate to the best of my knowledge
Data Privacy (GDPR)
Security & Submit
Please ensure that you have checked all details that you have entered on this form before submitting your request. Any inaccuracies in your form will also delay your request from being processed. You only need to register with us once, then just ensure you keep your information up to date with us.
reCAPTCHA is required.

Please check your inbox and junk mail!

Please contact us if you have not seen a response within 5 working days of your submission

After submitting your request for membership at Spectrum, please keep an eye on your email inbox (and junk folders just in case). A copy of your submitted registration will be emailed automatically to you for your records, as well as our confirmation and welcome email once it has been processed, which includes your Spectrum membership number.

Your Spectrum membership number is required for booking on such things as our events, sessions and for ordering the Max Card.

All communications within the group must be kept strictly confidential. Unless you have obtained the express permission of the author, you may not forward, discuss, or summarise messages here with anyone who is not a member of the list, including spouses or other family members.

We do want people to feel safe and free to be open with others in the group without fear of unwanted disclosure, but please be aware we can not guarantee confidentiality if we feel a child is at risk of harm and all appropriate agencies will be advised.

If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Spectrum management team, either personally or by email should you prefer.