Disneyland Paris 2025

May 26th – May 29th 2025 : Join us at Disneyland Paris!

We hope that you can join us at Disneyland Paris between May 26th and May 29th 2025, for 4 days and 3 nights to experience the magic of Disney!

We provide this event to enable families we support to travel with us to Disneyland Paris in an inclusive and supportive environment, simplifying travel and taking care of many of the hurdles a family will face should they organise it themselves.

If you have never visited Disneyland Paris before, it is an incredible experience for adults and children alike.

This event is limited to a maximum of 20 rooms, 55 persons & one coach (standard seating), and it will only go ahead if we receive enough requests to make it viable.

Once we have you checked in on-site and have been given any relevant Priority Cards, you are free to spend the stay as you wish; you do not have to stay as part of a large group.

The cost of this event is listed below and is a tiered pricing structure based on people sharing a room. This ensures it is easier for us to accommodate a room and that you can also take advantage of the best pricing possible for the package that has been created. This event is out of term time for the majority of schools in the surrounding areas Spectrum HQ, but please check your school’s calendar (if applicable) prior to booking.

There are two parks at Disneyland Paris that you can enjoy: Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park. The Marvel Campus also only opened in 2023 and resides within the Studios zone. At present, a “Frozen” themed land is under construction and developing quickly.

All quoted pricing below includes the following options:

  • 4-day Disney Park Hopper Pass

  • 3-night stay at the Disney Hotel Sequoia Lodge on the DLP resort

  • Sequoia Lodge 2x heated swimming pools (open 7am to 10pm)

  • Half Board Plus Meal Plan

  • Local City Tax (Paris Tourist Tax)

  • ABTA Protection

  • Travel to and from the venue via a dedicated coach with our partners, Milken Travel – Departing Cambridge

  • Dover to Calais Ferry crossing via DFDS

  • Car parking for the time you are away with us (if needed)

  • Priority Card for all qualifying persons with additional needs/disabilities at Disney’s discretion

  • Access to the Disney Photopass+ & Disney Character Breakfast Magical Extras (details below)

For further information on the Disney Priority Card, please see our Disney FAQ down the page, where this is explained to you.
We are looking to confirm all places as quickly as possible as the rooms are only held for us for a fixed amount of time. We can then get deposits organised and family reservations made. 

If you have been to Disneyland Paris with us before, you will be very used to the process we follow and all the steps we take care of along the way to make life as simple as we possibly can for you.


In regard to this event, we cannot emphasise enough the need to PLEASE READ ALL NOTES IN FULL pertaining to this trip, ensuring you read our DISNEY Q&A and all notes. Be sure that you understand all costs and conditions before requesting places. Any errors that are made in your request to us can affect your booking and the cost of it. It is extremely likely that an administration charge will be passed on to you for any changes that are needed or errors that need correcting on your booking.

May 26th – 29th 2025
4 Days / 3 Nights
2 Parks
Sequoia Lodge & Pools
Priority Card Access
Coach from Cambridge
Dover to Calais Ferry

Accomodation & Dining

For the duration of our stay, we will be at the Disney Hotel Sequoia Lodge, a forest-themed resort on the edge of Lake Disney and just a short walk to the Disney Parks.

Please note that a room at Sequoia Lodge consists of 2 x double beds. A room cannot exceed 4 persons and one cot. Where your family is larger than this, Disney provides two adjoining rooms (where possible, but not guaranteed) and opens the door between them to provide you with the space that you need as a family. At least one adult must be registered in each room where adjoining rooms are used. There are no exceptions to this format.

In terms of dining, breakfast will be taken within the Hotel itself, and multiple options exist for you to choose from for your main meal across the resort. We will work closely on dining arrangements with you approximately 60 days prior to the visit. Your included meals by default are provided as follows:

  • 1st Day – Main Meal
  • 2nd Day – Breakfast  & Main Meal
  • 3rd Day – Breakfast  & Main Meal
  • 4th Day – Breakfast

These meals are provided as vouchers that are given to you with your room information when you check in. The main meal vouchers can be used anytime between lunch and dinner for your ease. Restaurant booking is simply done via the Disney app near the time (access to table bookings is 60 days prior). The Disneyland Paris resort offers a fantastic selection of themed restaurants, including set menus and buffets – https://www.disneylandparis.com/en-gb/dining/

We recognise that every family is different in terms of their needs and the time they allocate to different tasks and breaks. Still, in the majority, for the short stay that we have, most of your time will be spent in the Disney Parks as opposed to at the hotel as a rule of thumb so that it can be looked at as more of a basecamp to many families.

There are plenty of guides, walkthroughs, and resources online covering the DLP Resort from top to bottom, especially on the likes of YouTube, that you can use for research and to help you plan.

Sequoia Lodge - Disneyland Paris
Sequoia Lodge - Room Example
Sequoia Lodge - Indoor Pool

Event Pricing

The pricing for this event, based on these criteria we have provided and including all the stated items above is as follows:

  • Infant (0 – 2 Years) – £130
  • Child (3 – 11 Years) – £625

In terms of room pricing, an adult at Disneyland Paris is based on anyone 12 years or older

  • 1 Adult Sharing @ £1565
  • 2 Adults Sharing @ £1155 per person
  • 3 Adults Sharing @ £1025 per person
  • 4 Adults Sharing @ £955 per person

Please remember that a room cannot exceed 4 persons and a cot. For larger parties than this, an adjoining room needs to be requested. All children in a room must have an adult sharing with them in line with Disney safety policies.

Event Payment Schedule

Should your requested places for the event be confirmed with you, you will then be invoiced by us for your booking as a deposit (£100 per person). This deposit is non-refundable without any exception and due when stated on your invoice (no later than May 31st 2024). Your room is booked specifically for you and for the persons you list. We will be looking to confirm places quite quickly as the rooms can only be held for a short time prior to them needing to be allocated.

The balance of your booking is then required to be paid in full by no later than February 1st 2025. You are able to pay your balance as you wish, either in instalments if it is easier for you or as a lump sum as you prefer. Please note that missing either the deposit cut-off date or balance date deadlines can result in the cancellation of your booking at Disney, and these costs are still being due by you to us.

Please note that by default, payment is via bank transfer (BACS) for this event to keep it as cost-effective as possible for families. It is not a problem to process payments by debit card or credit card for people; there is just an additional booking charge for doing so. You just need to advise us if this is the case.

Cost Calculation Example:

The costs include room, coach travel, crossing, dual park access, half board plus dining & city tax for 4 days and 3 nights
Examples of cost calculation as per Disney’s Guidelines and the above notes:

Family Example 1

2x Adults
1x 13 year old
1x 9 year old

Cost Example 1

3x Adults Sharing @ £1025ea
1x Child @ £625ea

Total = £3,700

Family Example 2

1x Adult
1x Child 8yrs

Cost Example 2

1x Adults Sharing @ £1565ea
1x Child @ £625ea

Total = £2,190

Travel Timings & Schedule

The event is based on a single coach being taken to the resort, using Mil-Ken, our travel partner who has worked with us on literally dozens of events over the years, including several visits to DLP. The coach is standard seating throughout and does have an onboard toilet. The coach will depart from Bottisham Village College at CB25 9DL, and you are able to leave your car there for the duration of our time away, for which there is no charge. The coach and driver will be staying out at the venue with us for the duration of the visit and staying in the same location. We travel overnight to maximise our time on site and navigate traffic.

This event is provided as a bundled pricing option. We will be departing from this point only (CB25 9DL), and due to logistics and complexities, there isn’t an option to have additional pick-up points at present or meet us there.

Please note that travel arrangements are subject to change and potential fine-tuning (please see Q&A for further notes), but at present, we expect them to be as follows:

Sunday, May 25th 2025

  • Depart Cambridge between 630 pm and 830 pm for the DFDS ferry crossing with Mil-ken via coach from Dover to Calais

Monday, May 26th 2025

  • Cross from Dover to Calais in a slot between 12 am and 130 am (+90 mins crossing)
  • Arrive at Disneyland Paris approx. between 630 am – 830 am local time

Thursday, May 29th 2025

  • Depart Disneyland Paris at 4 pm for our return to Cambridge.
  • Ferry Crossing (Calais to Dover) at approximately 1030 pm

Friday, May 30th 2025

  • Completing the ferry crossing and return travel should see us arrive back in Cambridge around 2 am – 3 am

As with all our coach events, should your child normally travel by booster seat, car seat and so forth, they will need to travel the same way via coach. This is without exception and in line with safety and insurance. The ferry crossing is extremely simplistic and a good opportunity to stretch your legs and get something to eat; there is also a Duty-Free shop on board. We also consider the Tunnel (but only as a secondary option) should there be any port issues.

Through the course of the booking, we will check in with you on different aspects of the visit, pass you general information to take on board and consider and help you with the different steps you need to take for us. Most activities and notes with Disney happen 90 – 60 days out, and we will prepare you for this in early 2025.

Disneyland Paris FAQ

We have put together an FAQ to provide you with as much information as possible prior to making your booking. This covers areas either not touched on in the above notes or only slightly referenced. Please ensure that you have read all the notes and answers provided. If you have any additional questions that are not covered here, then please email us at disney@spectrum.org.uk and we will help as much as we can.

Booking & Travel

Are we allowed to include friends and extended family in our place requests?

For all our events and sessions, priority will always be given to the children and families that we support in the first instance. Should there be any available space once all booking requests have been processed, then this is something we can certainly consider for friends and extended family at that point.

Does the whole family need to have a passport before they request places?

No, you don’t, but everyone under your booking will, of course, require one before they travel. For anyone with an existing passport, they need to ensure that it meets the criteria for both France and the UK.

The time we travel is one of the peak times for the UK passport teams and waiting lists can be high. We recommend ensuring that you have all passports in place by the start of 2025. In February 2025 we will be requesting Advance Passenger Information (API), which includes your passport information, as part of our documentation process.

Do we really need travel insurance?

Yes, you do, we cannot emphasise this enough. You need to ensure that all persons in your party are covered with the appropriate insurance for the trip. This can easily be done via a wide variety of sources such as Staysure, Post Office Travel, the AA, and sometimes your bank, as well as standard insurance option routes.

You need to ensure that your insurance covers any pre-existing medical conditions as well as suitable coverage for such things as delays and cancellations due to international events. Some insurance providers also provide options for such items as pandemics and the impact of terrorism, to name but a few.

We advise that this cover is put in place at the earliest opportunity after place confirmations are received from us.

Where is the coach departure point? Can I leave my car there?

We will be departing from Bottisham Village College, Cambridge in CB25 9DL.

It will be possible to leave your car at the college whilst we are away, but this is left at your own risk and is not the responsibility of the college or of Spectrum. There is no charge for this, and this will be our only departure point.

Will there be breaks during the travel?

The ferry crossing provides good access to food and drink options as well as duty-free goods. We will assess additional stops en route in both directions depending on circumstances, needs, time we have and traffic.

There is a toilet on board the coach, and it is totally fine to eat and drink en route, we just ask that you please ensure rubbish is placed in the provided bags to keep the coach clean.

Is it possible to make my own travel arrangements and meet you there?

No, it isn’t; sadly, this is incredibly hard to manage logistically and deal with multiple arrival times and other complexities. Naturally, as travel is also being provided, it is in our interests to ensure that this is used as effectively as possible. One of the main purposes of the trip is to provide a supportive environment with other families.

Can I take what luggage I want as we have a coach?

Sadly not. Whilst the coaches we use with Mil-ken have significant storage space in their hold, the luggage you take should very much be appropriate for the time we are away and not excessive. In addition to having to cater to the luggage of a full coach, we also have to consider things such as wheelchairs, buggies, and emergency supplies. As a general rule of thumb, a normal size hold case as you would take on an airline for short breaks is sufficient for a person and a standard size school bag for hand luggage on the coach. We also allow for the fact that a few families might bring a present or two back with them!

What happens if I need to cancel or change my booking?

We understand that different circumstances can certainly arise in life and surprise us at all times, but in regard to this event, please be aware of the following, of which there are no exceptions. All cancellations and changes must be via email.

  • If place confirmations are provided to you, your deposit is due under all circumstances and is non-refundable. This is a reservation that has been made with Disney in line with the request from your family and is immediately due to Spectrum. Your deposit is due in all circumstances, even if you cancel prior to the deposit due date.
  • If you cancel between the period when your deposit is due and December 31st 2024, we are able to cancel your outstanding balance with no further charges.
  • If you cancel between 1st January 2025 and the balance due date (Feb 1st 2025), you are required to pay 25% of your balance without exception.
  • Your balance is due in full without exception for all other circumstances after this point.

These rules are in line with the charges that Spectrum will face for such cancellations and are directly passed back to the person who has booked. In the event of needing to request a cancellation for any reason, this must be received by Spectrum via email only.

A refund will only be provided if you have an active booking for the visit, your payments are correct in terms of deposit and balance, and Disneyland Paris has cancelled it.

Should you need to change the name of any persons in your room, or alter your booking in any way, it is likely that an administration charge of £25-50 person, or a set £100 charge will be passed on to you for making the adjustments.

At Disneyland Paris

Are there Priority Pass options at Disneyland Paris to assist those with disabilities?

Yes, there are and these are done in a number of levels and categories. More information on this can be found on Disney’s dedicated page at: https://www.disneylandparis.com/en-gb/guest-services/guests-with-mobility-disabilities/

Spectrum works with Disney to organise the relevant passes in advance for the travelling party using information in line with their criteria. In early 2025, we will ask you to submit your supporting information to us in line with Disney’s adjoining forms, this information must be no older than 12 months. These are such things as the Access Card, DLA confirmation, PIP confirmation, Blue Badge, to name but a few. We will work through this with you, well in advance. This is all organised via Spectrum and not something that you need to do yourselves.

Please note, however, that Disney reserves the right to ask for additional or supporting information regarding issuing the relevant pass, and we will assist you with this. Disney also reserves the right to reject pass requests even when supporting information has been provided.

Any priority pass that is issued covers up to 4 helpers for that individual on rides and up to 2 people for parades, of which at least one must be 15 years or older and able-bodied. Some areas, like fireworks, can at times support only 2-3.

What time can we check in? What time do we need to check out?

We are able to check in from 8 am on the day of arrival and access the park. You are able to access your rooms from around 3pm.

For checkout, you need to be out of your rooms by 11am on the day of departure. We will confirm the departure time from the hotel nearer the time (but expected to be 4pm), but you are still free to access the park until we leave.

The Hotel has secure facilities in place to ensure luggage can be kept safe prior to room access and also for storage after check out and before the coach departs.

What time does the Park open each day?

There are two parks within Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. As a staying guest at one of the Disney hotels, you can access both parks from approximately 830am to 930pm, depending on the time of year. The earlier access to the park is for those using the resort hotels only and is called Extra Magic Time (EMT).

How far is the Hotel Sequoia Lodge from the main park areas?

The Hotel Sequoia Lodge is on average a 10-15 minute walk to the main Disney Parks at Disneyland Paris. A shuttle service, which takes 8-10mins is available, though if you don’t wish to walk in, these leave every 10 minutes and run 7 days a week between 06.30 and 23.00.

Is it possible to stay at alternative accommodation to the Hotel offered on this package?

No, it isn’t. For the purposes of this trip, Disney’s availability and for managing the logistics of the travelling party, all provided spaces will be based around the same accommodation and travel.

How does the Halfboard Plus Dining work?

The dining package that is included for you is Halfboard Plus, this is based on breakfast at the Hotel and a choice of options for your main meal across the park. You are able to take your main meal anytime from lunch onwards. We will be working with Disney and you all nearer the time (around 90-60 days out) on your dining option bookings during the stay, which you can take care of yourself via their app.

Any food/drinks that you wish to have outside of these times is something that you need to purchase.

With the Halfboard Plus option you will get the following meal vouchers to use:

  • Main Meal on the first day
  • Breakfast and Evening Meal on the 2nd and 3rd day
  • Breakfast on the 4th day

There is no need to book for Breakfast during our stay, this is simply taken in the Hotel restaurant, and vouchers are provided for this at check-in. Restaurant bookings are arranged outside of this by yourselves, either in advance (recommended), whilst at the resort as you prefer.

It is also possible to access the Premium Dining locations at Disneyland Paris with your Halfboard Plus voucher, you will just need to pay the difference between the two levels of dining at the restaurant.

Will Spectrum have volunteers there to assist us?

Yes, there will be members of the Spectrum team at the event and a dedicated team lead for the event. We are there to assist you with any issues we are in control of and provide general guidance, of which there will be plenty in advance. Should there be any issues about rooms and meals etc., then the Disney Hotel and Resort Team are, of course, on hand to cover all of this.

As with all Spectrum events and trips, we always assist as much as we can, but the care of the children attending will always be the primary focus of the parents and carers that assist them. Additionally, any Spectrum team members on the trip will also be there for the same purposes as members, so have their own families assist.

What currency do I need in France?

If you have never travelled to France before, the currency they use is the Euro. You can easily exchange your money into Euro’s at such places as Post Offices, your Bank, some Tesco branches and travel agents, to name but a few. We recommend keeping an eye on the currency exchange leading up to departure and start looking at organising your Euros in a week or so ahead of the visit. Ensure that you leave enough time to do this with your preferred exchange.

Due to the nature of the trip and stops etc. both sides of the crossing, ensure that you do still have some £ sterling that is accessible to you, should you need it. A lot of the time you will simply be able to use your bank card as you would at home but of course, it’s helpful to have a little of each currency with you in case of emergencies.

Will Spectrum send us reminders throughout the year on the event?

Yes, we are very much used to event organising and well versed in the Disneyland Paris process that needs to be followed for this visit. We will be checking in with you throughout the year with little reminders. This will be for such things as follows to name but a few:

  • Deposit & Balance Payment Dates
  • Medicine & Medical Considerations
  • Dining Bookings Process
  • Passports & Insurance
  • Room Layouts & Hotel Information
  • Recommended Items
  • Contact Information for the Spectrum Team
  • Coach Information
  • Priority Pass Details
  • Emergency Contact Information

A dedicated mailer will be in place for anyone that has places on the event, keeping you up to date, passing on tips and reminders and making sure that you have everything in place that is needed. Please do remember that the vast majority of your information/questions of you will not come until we are 90-60 days away from travelling.

Is there a Smartphone app for Disneyland Paris?

Yes, there is. Disneyland Paris has a dedicated app for the venue which covers such areas as maps to explore the site, booking meals, waiting times and show schedules to name but a few. The app is available on iPhone IOS or Android and can be found via the following links. LineBerty is also its recommended app for queue monitoring.

Download on IOS

Download on Android

Other popular apps are MagicPark and Magic Guide. As with many apps, a lot comes down to simple personal preference on ease of use.

Do you have any information on phone signal, data access and making calls home at Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris in the majority, is covered by a mixture of 3G and 4G signals as well as Wi-Fi being spread across the resort and hotels. Should you need to access 3G and 4G signals for data at different times and whilst travelling, please remember that this is classed as data roaming as you have a UK-based phone.

The cost of data roaming is always coming down, and most major UK mobile networks now offer a daily or weekly data package for use abroad, giving a fixed amount of data a day for a nominal upfront charge. For many contract phones, European Data roaming is included in your existing package, which just comes off your normal data allowance as it would at home (like O2 Europe Zone for example).

In a lot of cases, though, making calls from France will still count as an International call to back home. It is always best to check with your network provider before travelling and opt-in before you go. This will be one of the areas that we remind you about during the coming months to check off your list.

How much spending money should we take?

This is a question that is exceptionally hard to answer as every family has different numbers of individuals in it, spending habits and budgets available for such things. We recommend speaking to friends and family you know that have been before, that is perhaps similar to yourselves in some ways, to gain an understanding of what they spent as a guideline. In short, the vast majority of spending you will incur is likely to be on snacks and drinks, etc outside of set meal times that are included and purchases/memorabilia from the resort.

Are you able to organise a Disney Photopass+ in advance for us and Character Breakfasts?

We are able to help with the following magical add-ons: Photopass+ and the Character Breakfast.

A Disney Photopass+ helps you make those magical moments last a lifetime as it gives you access to all your souvenir photos taken during your visit to Disneyland® Paris, whether on the attractions or by Disney PhotoPass Photographers, as high-quality digital image files. The cost of this is circa £75 for the family, and the photos are accessible to download for 1 year from the date of activation.

Should you put this in place in advance, your Photopass+ voucher will be waiting for you to activate when you check in at the hotel. as part of your room package. You can also organise this when you get there if you wish (by yourself), but it can quite often be a little more costly than doing so in advance.

The Character Breakfast (if available) is an approximate £15 per person upgrade on one of your breakfast vouchers.

Our Recommendation

If you are a Facebook user, we recommend joining our private members-only Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/spectrumcio – you will need your membership number with us (starts with the letters SC and is followed by up to 5 numbers) after you request to join.

We post general information here when confirmations, QR codes, reminders, and so forth are sent out, so you can be sure to check your email at the right times. This is helpful as many mail providers can filter such emails to junk and other areas, so you can be sure you don’t miss anything or lose your places if it doesn’t land in your main inbox directly.

Our Instagram & Facebook stories are also good places to get news in advance and see the different things we are working on behind the scenes. So please give us a follow!


Please ensure that you double-check all information that you have entered before submitting your request for places to us for accuracy. Any errors will cause delays in your request being processed and can also affect your costs.

We cannot emphasise enough only to request places if you are sure you can go and meet the different payment deadlines that are in place, all deposits are non-refundable, and all costs are due to us for Disney on the dates provided. There is strictly no exception to this, regardless of circumstances.



Initial reservations have been made and a waiting list is in place. If you are very interested in attending this event, we do recommend submitting a request for places ASAP, as things can often change, both during the reservation stage and later.

Request places at Disneyland Paris 2025 with Spectrum

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.

Booking Contact Information

Please ensure all your contact information is 100% accurate, especially your email address and membership number, as this is used for your booking, billing and your QR code just before the event.
Your Name

Your Booking Request

Please ensure that you have read all the notes in regards to room rules and ages to ensure that you book accurately to match your request. All ages must be accurate for the time of travel.
Please remember that an adult is defined as 12 years or older and no more than 4 persons plus one cot can be in a room.
Please remember that a child is defined as 3-11 years and no more than 4 persons plus one cot can be in a room.
Please remember that an infant is defined as up to 2 years and no more than 4 persons plus one cot can be in a room.
Sequoia Lodge Room Layout
Sequoia Lodge Room Limits

Your Party

Please complete the following information for all persons in your party. For any one you request a Priority Card for, they must be able to meet the Disney criteria for this. PLEASE ENSURE ALL INFORMATION IS ACCURATE AND ALL RELEVANT LINES ARE 100% COMPLETED PRIOR TO SUBMISSION.
Person 1 Priority Pass Required?
Person 2 Priority Pass Required?
Person 3 Priority Pass Required?
Person 4 Priority Pass Required?
Person 5 Priority Pass Required?
Person 6 Priority Pass Required?
Person 7 Priority Pass Required?
Person 8 Priority Pass Required?

Sequoia Lodge Room Notes

When adjoining/connecting rooms are required for your booking (these are not guaranteed), please use this notes area to clarify details of which persons are to be in each room. The amount of adults/children in a room will vary the cost. Spectrum will always look towards the most cost effective or logical solution to us, for you unless details are provided by you.
Do you require a wheelchair adaptable room?
Do you require a cot in your room?
Do you require a room fridge? (Approx. £160)
Have you been to Disneyland Paris before?
If there is another Spectrum family requesting places for this event that you would like us to consider trying to seat you near for travel, please state their name.

Disneyland Paris Priority Pass Initial Information

For any person you are requesting a priority pass for you must be able to provide evidence of this via the likes of an Access Card, DLA, PIP, Blue Badge. Please also state the primary reason for their request. Eg: James Smith - ASD/ADHD
Priority Pass Information

Disney Magical Extras

Let us know if you would like us to order you a Disney Photopass+ and/or a Disney Character Breakfast (if available). Please note purchases cannot be undone and will be added to your invoice.
Would you like us to organise a Disney Photopass+ for you?
A Disney Photopass+ helps you make those magical moments last a lifetime as it gives you access to all your souvenir photos taken during your visit to Disneyland® Paris, whether on the attractions or by Disney PhotoPass Photographers, as high-quality digital image files. This is approx £75 and the photo are accessible for 1 year.
Are you interested in joining us for a Disney Character Breakfast (if available)?
A Character Breakfast would replace one of your existing vouchers and have an upgrade cost of approx £15 per person. This would take place at the Plaza Gardens restaurant in the park and provide a 45 min breakfast with some of the Disney Characters. This is subject to availability with Disney.

Non-Refundable Deposit

Based on the pricing per person provided, you confirm that you are able to pay your non-refundable deposit of £100 per person when you are invoiced to secure your places?
Deposit Payment
Administration Charge
Please note adminstration charges will become higher the closer to the departure date the request is made.

Balance Payment

Based on the pricing provided, you confirm that you are able to pay the balance of your booking before February 1st 2025?
Final Balance
Cancellation Charges

Priority Access & Travel

The payment deadline date for this event is September 1st 2024. All payments are non-refundable after this point. Not completing payment ahead of the deadline, or advising us of cancellations in advance, will have an impact on future event requests.
Medical & Passport Information *
Passport Timeline
Individuals Passport
Travel Times
Travel Insurance

Event Notes & Disney Q&A

Your Confirmation
Future Bookings
Magical Extras

Security & Submit

Please ensure that you have checked all details that you have entered on this form for accuracy before submitting your request.
Your Consent (GDPR)