Spectrum Play with Safari Stu

Sunday, April 10th 2022 – Spectrum Play at Littleport Leisure

We hope you can join us at Spectrum Play – our dedicated play and meet SEND sessions at Littleport Leisure Centre, with the excellent Safari Stu joining us as well!


Special Guest

For this session, you can either take part in our standard Spectrum Play session or have the addition of Safari Stu and his fantastic family of exotic animals, which is an excellent hands-on and educational experience. Please note there are capacity limits for Safari Stu, and it is not something that you can just join in with on the day, due to the planning and preparation that is required. We will extend the session slightly for those involved in the Safari Stu sessions.


Spectrum Play

We are delighted to join forces with Littleport Leisure to provide family sessions for our members in a private environment; siblings are most welcome. Our inclusive sessions here are designed to help families reduce their isolation and increase their social circles with like-minded families. Our sessions are created to encourage opportunities; here is just a tiny example of the session outline and our plans ahead.

As a guideline, our sessions will range from being spread across 2-4 adjacent rooms/halls to accommodate different settings.

  • Meet other like-minded families in a private setting with light refreshments available
  • Expanding friendship circles, improving social skills and gaining peer support
  • Provide children with an opportunity to play, join in different sports and try new activities
  • Meet the Spectrum team and catch up with our family worker for family/child support inc DLA/PIP/EHCP
  • Learn about our other sessions, away days, the Arts Award, the Max Card and other services
  • Provide themed sessions, parties and photoshoots
  • Moving forwards, Spectrum Play sessions provide us with the opportunity to introduce such options as mini-athletics exotic animals, expand refreshment options, utilise technology, movie options, including soft play, plus guest visits and much, much more.

Should we see a high level of demand moving forward as we have with other sessions, we will rotate places to ensure fair access if they are beyond the capacity limits we put in place.

As a guideline, confirmations and any waiting list places for this session will be issued by early-mid March.

Sunday, April 10th
From 130pm
From £5 per family
Max 50 Children

Event Summary & Session Notes

The standard Spectrum Play session is scheduled for between 130pm and 330pm.

If you additionally get confirmed places with Safari Stu, sessions will be back to back with him from 230pm, slightly extending the session on the day for some people. Safari Stu will be bringing with him a selection of animals from his stunning family of snakes, spiders, skunks (descented), lizards, lesser tenrecs, chuckwalla, tortoises and mini beasts to name but a few.

The cost for this session is £5 per family for Spectrum Play and an additional £10 per family to get involved in Safari Stu’s visit. You make your selection in the form below.

As always, any confirmed places, time with Safari Stu etc, will be clearly outlined to you in your confirmation notes and QR codes. Please note that all timeslots with Safari Stu are done to the best fit of the numbers that request it.

As these sessions are new in our portfolio, please do bear with us as we build them up and ascertain what aspects work best. Over the coming months, we will be trying different capacity limits, fine-tuning the sessions in general and adapting to different age ranges to ensure we can achieve the best fit across the board. We will change some aspects/activities each session to keep things fresh and try new things. We will also create some new volunteering roles for these sessions in due course as well as take feedback at different points, to help with development.

We provide no transport to the venue, but ample free parking is available onsite, just a short distance from the entrance.

Please note that sound levels will vary each session depending on the capacity we are testing, the halls we use on the day and the activities we are doing.

Each session is designed to be family orientated and encourage peer interaction. As with our other sessions, your children are your responsibility for the session we provide. It is not possible to drop your children off and leave the venue.

Venue Address

Littleport Leisure, Camel Rd, Littleport, Ely, CB6 1EW

Event Notes - Important

Please remember that prior to attending any of our sessions, days out or events we need you to complete one of our Membership forms. These need to be completed for insurance coverage purposes and also to help us plan future events. You only need to complete a membership form once a year and this will cover you for all future events and session attendances in the same calendar year.

Not completing payment for events you are booked in for, or not showing up for events you are booked on to (free or paid) will affect the success of your future place requests due to the demand we face.

Place Requests for Sunday, April 10th only

Please ensure you have completed one of our Membership Forms prior to requesting places at our events, as a valid Spectrum Membership number is required in the place request process below.

Your Spectrum Membership number starts with the letters SC and is not your Max Card number! Ensuring you have used your correct membership number with us, means your request is processed far quicker.

Your Contact Information
Please ensure your contact information is accurate and contains no errors as we use these methods for contacting you regarding places. Furthermore, ensure your Membership number with us is accurate as this is how we identify your request.
Places Required
Siblings are most welcome at our sessions but please do ensure you have them listed on your membership form with us.
Photo & Video Consent
Please note that at our play sessions, we will capture both images and video at times to promote the sessions and look back on them. At times, children will also have the opportunity to wear Go Pro cameras whilst playing.
Session Choice & Payment
Data Privacy (GDPR)
Security & Submit
reCAPTCHA is required.

Health Protection

Due to the nature of the children we support, a person can’t attend our events whilst ill.

This guidance is in line with the Health Protection Agency and similar to that of many local schools. We can’t accept a person at an event or session with sickness/diarrhoea until they have been clear of this for a minimum of 48 hours. Additionally, it is not possible to accept a person with any symptoms of Covid-19.

We hope you can understand our position on this and the caution that we must exercise.