“Myself and my partner Louisa have a 10-year-old son, named Leo. Leo was diagnosed with autism ASD in July 2014 at the age of 4. Louisa has been part of many online ASD support groups, one in particular on Facebook. It was here that Louisa heard about the Spectrum Max Card. Louisa signed up for the Max Card, which in turn, allowed her to become a member of the Spectrum Facebook group. This July (2020), Spectrum emailed Louisa to ask if Leo would like to be chosen to be a tester for their online Mine Craft server, which allows children with ASD to play safely online with other children. Leo was chosen and has since made a friend playing online. Leo says that he has enjoyed this experience very much. Thanks to Spectrum, Leo was given a chance to be part of something big and has made friends in the process.”

“We had a great time as always!! Thank you for everything you all do. We really appreciate it!”

“Over the past two years, Ely College have been working with Spectrum Cambridge on a number of different events to encourage young people to help others and to support the fantastic work that the charity does within the local community.

The students at Ely College, and more specifically in Etheldreda House, have had the opportunity to enjoy regular visits from Spectrum Cambridge where they have been able to discuss information and learn of the activities they can get involved in throughout the year. This has been an excellent ongoing partnership that Etheldreda House strongly value.

Many of our students have attended Spectrum Cambridge events outside of school hours and always report their positive experience and the many skills they have been able to learn and develop.  The charity has always been present at events to support our students’ efforts in fundraising.  The communication with Spectrum Cambridge has always been professional, friendly and swift, making the organisation of activities stress-free.

I am extremely happy with the work that has been accomplished over the last two years and look forward to our continued relationship.”

Gemma BaysSenior Tutor

“Thank you again. You and all the people from Spectrum are just amazing!!!”


“We are so very happy with all your hard work, and the way you have took care of our every need and issue.”

Irma & Jason(Peterborough)

“Thank you for all the outstanding and amazing help and information you have given us through the last few weeks!”


“Thank you all ever so much for putting all these wonderful opportunities together for us all to enjoy, so much appreciated indeed!”


“Really good events and the organisers are so helpful.”


“Our first session today, Jack loved it so did his brothers as you can tell by Callum’s face in the pictures. Thank you so much, will defiantly be attending more sessions xx “

Louise(Stow cum Quy)

“Thank you so much for today, everything perfectly organised, we had lot of fun! 🤩 “