“Honoured to be involved with Spectrum Cambridge, the work that they do for their members is outstanding. Children and adults alike get great enjoyment from the organised events, and it’s lovely seeing the children derive pleasure from the activities, and be in an environment with other understanding families.”

Dave & Gill(Haddenham)

“We always have a fantastic time at Spectrum events. It’s lovely to support such a great Charity who provide so much to so many families.”

Sam & James(Bishops Stortford)

“Here at Anglesey Abbey (National Trust) we are very proud to work to work with Spectrum. The work they do is so valuable to our local community and the need for them doing the work they do is so great. At the National Trust we are all about sharing our special place’s forever and for everyone and working with Spectrum is another great way of helping us achieve exactly that.”

Jack WatsonAnglesey Abbey - National Trust

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you Spectrum !!! Eric was nervous and excited to attend this morning’s Clip and Climb session. It was a huge success! and I just wanted to say how pleased we were to attend. It was fabulous seeing everyone enjoying themselves!”


“I love how I can have fun with my brother without worrying about others. It has been great to see how he has become much braver, doing different things and that I have been able to do them with him. I have learned how to climb thanks to Spectrum and now want to learn how to do it as a sport. I love going to sessions at Clip and Climb and holding all of the animals with Safari Stu was amazing!”

Emily, 11yrs(Waterbeach)

“This year I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Spectrum Cambridge and it gave me a very personal insight into how it’s run, why it’s run and in general it shone a light on the people who run it.  This Spectrum team stands out as truly special.  Not only are they absolutely professional and resolute in achieving their goals but their passion is unwavering.  This is evidenced by achievements to date and how positive planning is being developed to strive for their next targets.  The charity has typically the ideals and positive goals that exemplify many ‘good causes’ but the special drive within Spectrum is infectious.  They want to create an environment for people with autism not only to feel comfortable but to have fun and learn, all while raising awareness generally.  Spectrum Cambridge will clearly go to the ends of the earth to achieve these goals. I was honoured to work alongside this highly motivated team and found it incredibly refreshing to witness a charity that is so focused on catering for each individual who decides to jump on board.  It is my sincere wish and indeed expectation to see them prosper and subsequently help more and more people in the very near future.”

Richard Calvert-SummersDirector - Crucible Films

“We are very proud to work with Spectrum and support the amazing work they do with young people. The events and support they offer families is truly inspiring!”

Daniel BellDirector - KD Theatre

“The work that Spectrum do is great! I’ve had the pleasure of them bringing along families to watch many show which I have performed in! They are always a great audience and it’s amazing to see the children’s reactions after the show when we come to meet them! Such lovely people with great hearts which make this charity amazing in what they do!”

Lucy BellActor

“I loved seeing Safari Stu, the tarantula was the best! The day was super!”

Oscar, 6yrs(Heringswell)

“Spectrum gives us the opportunity to gain new experiences as a family which would not usually be possible in an understanding and supportive environment.”