Spectrum Arts Award

Inspiring children to grow their creative talent

Spectrum is proud to be an authorised Arts Award Centre and is passionate about the Arts and making the most of creativity.

The Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London, in association with the Arts Council England. Its mission is to inspire young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it’s creative, valuable and accessible and all achieved whilst having fun.

Children can achieve Arts Awards across five levels, consisting of a certificated introductory award and four qualifications. These levels are known as Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver & Gold. We are excited to deliver these engaging programmes whilst working closely with many of those we collaborate with throughout the year. This increases your child’s creative learning and knowledge, working with their passions and imagination whilst helping them to explore and embrace new art forms and technologies.

Within the Arts Award programme, your child will be able to access many different forms of creativity and media forms with us. These are choreography, photography, theatre, music, dance, drawing, literature, arts and crafts, LEGO & Minecraft design, and acting, to name but a few. Your child achieves all of these from the comfort of their own home or when they are out and about with you. We utilise many different theme options along the way. Guidance is provided both visually and in written directions during the programme, allowing you to relay instructions in whichever way works best for them. Our dedicated support team is also available to assist with guidance on tasks and any adaptations that may help different children’s additional needs.

Spectrum is extremely proud to be working on the Arts Award programme with long term partners KD Theatre and their creative team to benefit those we support.

Whatever art form you’re child is interested in, whatever their ability, the Arts Award is a really great fit.

Spectrum Arts Award
January 2022
Discover & Explore
From £10 per child
Max 20 Children

Arts Award Costs & Notes

The cost to take part in our next Arts Award programme is as follows (this is non-refundable), and the levels we will be doing are Discover, Explore or a combined Discover & Explore.


Discover – £10 per child
Designed for children aged 5+ but not restricted to this

Explore – £20 per child
Designed for children aged 7+ but not restricted to this

Combined Discover & Explore – £25 per child
Take advantage of completing the first two levels at the same time


The programme will commence in January 2022 and take us through to March 1st 2022, providing you with sufficient time for your child to complete the required guided learning hours.

To participate in the programme, you will need to send their work to us (photos/videos), typically via email and by uploading files over the Internet. This enables us to create a digital portfolio with them, and your child will need access to a Smartphone and Laptop/PC within your family to achieve this. The work is adaptable but must be of their own doing. Access to paper and basic colouring pens or crayons would also be helpful.

Our Discover & Explore levels are designed to work with items that most families and children have around them every day in general life without purchasing lots of products. Even if you don’t have a perfect match for what is needed, being adaptable is being creative.

The programme fully appreciates the children’s different levels of abilities we work with and their attention spans. Throughout the duration of their work, our Support team is also available to you to help guide children and adapt areas to meet different disabilities. The tasks we set are a baseline and can be made both simpler and more challenging to suit your child’s abilities and interests.

Spectrum Arts Award is accessible for any children we support and their siblings registered with us.

If you have any questions about the Spectrum Arts Award, please email us at artsaward@spectrum.org.uk or reach the Spectrum Team on LiveChat.

Spectrum Arts Award

Next Level

The next class we are providing is Discover, Explore or a combined Discover & Explore – commencing January 2022.

Further, Discover and Explore levels will be available in due course, as well as the higher more dedicated levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold, enabling children to continue their creative development.

If you have previously completed Discover and Explore and would like to move on to the Bronze level, then please get in touch with us at artsaward@spectrum.org.uk

Spectrum Arts Award

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